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Manage Your Listings

LocalClick provides a platform that lets you manage your own listings with ease so that you can focus on your business

Setup in Just 2 Minutes

Once you enter your business information, our dashboard populates your listings in less than two minutes. You’ll be able to see all your detailed listings across our network of directories.

Customize Your Profile

If you find any inconsistencies on your profile, you can easily edit your business information directly from the dashboard. You can also add more information about your business to enhance your listings in the form of social media pages, photos, menus, etc.

Multiple Location Dashboard

With our new multi-location dashboard, you can see information about all your locations in one place. This includes their listings, reviews and rankings. You can also select and archive locations when you don’t want to see them on your dashboard.

Import and Export Bulk Data

Our platform allows you to import or export bulk data from thousands of locations at a stretch. You can save time on adding individual locations by simply uploading a CSV file with the business details of all your locations.

See Your Customer Engagement Grow Strong

LocalClick is the most capable, reliable social presence aggregator for your business