Our hyperlocal geofencing technologies allow advertisers to target customers in precise areas.

The most advanced location based geofencing mobile advertising based on people’s physical activities and the places they go. Our geofencing marketing technology allows for advertisers to reach users wherever they go including your competitor’s locations, your own store front, or events they attend.

  • Target users in buildings, parks, shopping malls and events.
  • Target visitors for 1 – 30 days after they left the event/location
  • Serve ads on mobile devices when users are on Apps/Websites
  • No physical beacons required for targeting to work


GPS geolocation delivery of mobile advertising. Pinpoint target audience based on precise areas. Whether you're a business or organization. Our geofencing solution will augment your advertising.

Addressable Geofencing

A powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with Static, Video & OTT Advertising.

Programmatic Display

Big brands have always had a huge advantage - until now. Our exclusive partnerships allow LocalClick advertisers access to the same tools and technologies and make them available to our regional and local clients.

Conversions & Metrics All Tracked Via One Dashboard

Data Matters. Analytics Matters. Reporting Matters. And above all, your Return On Investment Matters.

Those are the cornerstones of our analytics team and how we showcase the effectiveness of any comprehensive digital campaigns managed for you.

From tracking in store visitors to phone calls to your establishment, we’ll know down to the dollar what’s working both online and offline. And best of all, we’ll report all the channels that matter to your campaigns including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, SEO, Facebook/Instagram, and Targeted Display.

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